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Top 10 Best Six-Person Tents in 2022 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide


Camping is a great way to spend quality time with your family and friends. If you are going to spend more time outdoors, you will need a tent to keep you sheltered. Tents come in many sizes and shapes. Some are made for single persons, while others are designed to accommodate the whole family. Six-person tents are great if you want to enjoy the outdoors with your family or a group of people.

However, there are many six-person camping tents in the marketplace, and it can be hard to select the one that is perfect for your requirements. In this review, we have come up with a list of the top 10 best Six Person Tents.

List of Best Six-Person Tents in 2020

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#10. Winterial 6 to 7 Person Teepee Tent with Mesh Vents and Windows

Winterial 6 to 7 Person Teepee Tent with Mesh Vents and Windows

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If you are searching for a cheap 6-man tent, look no further than the Winterial Teepee Tent. It is made from 210T Polyester that provides long-term use and excellent protection from weather elements. This family Teepee Tent is very easy to set up, and it takes less than 5 minutes to install. In addition to that, it has a capacity of 6 to 7 people, making it ideal for adventures or camping with your friends.

The tent’s top is included with a waterproof rain cap to keep everyone dry during snowstorms and heavy rain. Moreover, this tent is extremely lightweight, and you can easily transport it from one place to another with ease.

Key Features
  • Has a capacity of 6-7 people
  • Made of 210t polyester
  • Ease of setup family teepee tent
  • A waterproof rain cap for the top is included
  • Pack weight 15lbs

Reason to Buy

  • The tent has 10 feet of a spacious interior that can hold up to 7 adults. Moreover, it is constructed from 210T Polyester materials that are durable and offer better protection from weather elements. The pack weighs only 15lbs, making it easy to transport.
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#9. NTK Indy GT XL 6 Person Sleeps up Waterproof Dome Camping Tent

NTK Indy GT XL 6 Person Sleeps up Waterproof Dome Camping Tent

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NTK Indy Camping Tent is a perfect shelter for your next outdoor trip. It is a 5 to 6 person tent that is perfect for your family. It is a one-door tent that weighs only 17lbs and has a comfortable sleeping area of 8 feet x 8 feet and a center height of 6.2 feet. In addition to that, it is very easy to set up with little effort and time. The tent is made from extra-thick and high-quality Nano-Flex technology, which keeps the poles interconnected, creating a stable and safe place for you and your family.

The floor features a waterproof inner silver-coated layer and anti-fungus seamless polyethylene that ensures you stay protected and dry. Other than that, it has a durable and thin design to let fresh air inside while keeping mosquitoes and other small insects out.

Key Features
  • Designed for quick and easy assembly
  • Has comfortable sleep area of 8ft x 8ft
  • Made of durable galvanized steel frames
  • Has a center height of 6.2ft for maximum comfort
  • Weighs 17lbs making it lightweight to carry

Reason to Buy

  • This 6-person tent is constructed from quality materials that are waterproof and durable to offer your family the safest dependable outdoor experiences. It is very easy to install and takes less time to set it up.

#8. Coleman 6-Person and 3-Person Connectable Tent Bundle, Set of 2, Blue

Coleman 6-Person and 3-Person Connectable Tent Bundle, Set of 2, Blue

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If you are a vivid outdoor fan, you have heard of Coleman. It is a trusted company known for manufacturing long-lasting and ultra-durable equipment. This tent bundle from them will keep groups of friends, growing families, and excess gear connected. Typically, this tent comes with fully enclosed connection points and has a privacy door between connected tents. The inverted seams and weather Tec systems welded floors help to keep water out.

The tent has strong frames that have been tested to withstand strong wind up to 35+ mph. Subsequently, it has convenient E-Ports that allow you to bring an extension cord inside the tent. Above all, it comes in two bundles; a 3-person connectable tent and a 6-person connectable tent.

Key Features
  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Fully enclosed connection points
  • Weather TEC system’s welded floors to keep water out
  • Comes in a set of 2
  • Has strong frames that withstand strong wind

Reason to Buy

  • It is an ultra-durable Tents that is easy to set up and has convenient E-Ports to bring extension cord from an outside source. Moreover, it comes at an affordable price.

#7. HIKERGARDEN 6 Person Camping Tent Windproof and Waterproof Camping Tent

HIKERGARDEN 6 Person Camping Tent Windproof and Waterproof Camping Tent

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Built on the values of innovation, integrity, family, passion, and reliability, HIKERGARDEN 6 Person Camping Tent is large enough for your family’s outdoor adventure. It is constructed from PU1000mm water-resistant materials that never leak and keep dry inside. Moreover, this tent has 4 mesh windows and 1 large mesh door that allows fresh air to easily come in and out. This tent is engineered with more wind-responsive and more robust frames that make it more stable in rainy and windy weather.


Installing this Waterproof Camping Tent is very easy, and no particular skills are needed. This Camping Tent’s overall dimension is 120 x 96 x 76in, and it can fit two queen air mattresses. Finally, each package is included with a carry bag to make your camping trip more comfortable and delightful.

Key Features
  • Durable- reinforced steel poles
  • Portable and easy install in 5mins
  • Made of PU1000MM water-resistant materials
  • Spacious tent measuring 120 x 96 x 76in
  • Has 4 mesh windows and 1 large mesh door

Reason to Buy

  • This tent is made from 185T Polyester materials that are both waterproof and windproof. It also comes with durable reinforced steel poles that makes this camping tent more stable in rainy and windy weather.
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#6. Mobihome 6 Person Family Camping Tent with Mesh Roofs Windows and Door- 13.5′ x 7′

Mobihome 6 Person Family Camping Tent with Mesh Roofs Windows and Door- 13.5′ x 7′

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Mobihome is a great 6-person tent for a long weekend of outdoor activities or hiking. Setting up this tent is very simple, as you just need to roll it out, lock the poles and then pull the drawstring to make it firm in place. The tent’s roof is made of breathable micromesh materials, while the floor is made of waterproof PE materials. It has a door and three windows with a rainfly to ensure perfect ventilation.

This tent is compact and portable, making it easy to transport during camping. It features reinforced/heat-sealed seams, Water repellent fabrics, fully taped rainfly window and door seals, and anchor points. Its spacious space offers enough room for 2 parents, with 2 to 3 children to sleep comfortably.

Key Features
  • 190T polyester camping tent fly
  • Set up takes up a few minutes
  • Compact and portable for easy carry
  • Has a sturdy and watertight PE tent floor
  • Comes with carrying bag

Reason to Buy

  • The tent has a special hub system design, which makes it easy and quick to setup. It is also made of a strong frame and durable Polyguard fabric for last for many years. Finally, this tent is included with a carrying bag and offered with a one-year warranty.

#5. CORE 11′ x9′ Six Person Dome Tent

CORE 11′ x9′ Six Person Dome Tent

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Comfortable and spacious, the CORE Dome Tent is the perfect home for your camping adventures. It can fit two queen air mattresses and sleep up to six people. This done tent measures 11 feet x 9 feet and has a center height of 72 inches. It also features water repellent fabrics that have active bead technology to ensure faster water runoff. This tent also has rain-resistant and sealed seams, windows, and doors.

Typically, this six-person done tent has zippered privacy panels on windows and doors. Moreover, it has organizer pockets and a lantern hook that helps to keep all your gears organized. The package is also included with tent stakes, a rainfly, and a carry bag. This product is offered with a one-year limited warranty.

Key Features
  • Has pockets and lantern hook to keep items organized
  • Fits two queen air mattresses
  • Made of water repellent fabrics
  • Zippered privacy panels on windows and doors
  • 1 year limited warranty

Reason to Buy

  • This dome set can fit a 2-queen air mattress and has an adjustable ground vent. What’s more, it is made of water repellent fabric materials that are durable and rain-resistant. There are also a handful of storage pockets that keep your things organized.

#4. Ayamaya 4 to 6 Person Pop up Tents with Ventilated Mesh Windows

Ayamaya 4 to 6 Person Pop up Tents with Ventilated Mesh Windows

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If you dream of taking your family backpacking, then Maya Maya Pop-up Tents is probably the answer. It features a spacious interior measuring 12.5 feet x 8.5 feet floor, and it can sleep 5 to 6 adults. In addition to that, this Pop-up Tent has a center height of 53.5 inches. The electrical cord access port allows you to run a power cord from an external power source; hence you can charge your device inside the tent. The lantern hook and storage pockets keep your items well organized and neat.

This tent is designed with a double layer where hooks connect the outer layer and inner layer. The gap between the outer and inner layers becomes ground vents, which offer excellent ventilation to keep you cool on a summer evening and warm spring. The tent roof is made of PU-Coated polyester fabric, while the tent is made of 4000MM PU-Coated oxford groundsheet.

Key Features
  • Roomy enough for 4-6 person
  • Comes with portable smaller carrying bag
  • Quick setup tent and comes with pre-assembled poles
  • Windows and doors with double panels
  • Made of 4000MM PU-Coated oxford fabric

Reason to Buy

  • Setting up this pop-up tent is very easy and takes a few seconds. Moreover, this tent has four zipper design mesh windows, rear hooded vents, and two large front doors. A portable small carry bag is included for easy carry.
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#3. Coleman 6-Person Montana Tent

Coleman 6-Person Montana Tent

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If you are looking for a tent that is spacious enough to accommodate six people and is easy to set up, you can never go wrong when you purchase Coleman Montana Tent. This tent measures 12 feet x 7 feet and has 8 inches center height. It is also constructed from polyester taffeta 75D materials and inverted seams that increase the weather resistance by hiding the needle holes on the tent.

This tent has E-Port that allows you to conveniently run an extension cord to bring electrical power to the tent. It has Angled windows; hence you can keep it open even when it is raining. Moreover, it has a WeatherTec system with inverted seams and patented corner welds to keep water out.

Key Features
  • Spacious 6-person tent
  • Easy setup in 15 minutes
  • Made of polyester taffeta 75d materials
  • Included with a carry bag for easy transportation
  • Fits 2 queen size air beds

Reason to Buy

  • It is a spacious 6-person tent that can fit two queen size airbeds. It is made from polyester taffeta 75D materials that are durable and long-lasting. Above all, it has a zipper cuff that is constructed from weather-resistant fabric to enhance protection from weather elements in the door.

#2. QOMOTOP Water-Proof Pop up Camping Tents with carrying Bag, Rainfly, and Electric Cord Access

QOMOTOP Water-Proof Pop up Camping Tents with carrying Bag, Rainfly and Electric Cord Access

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This camping tent by QOMOTOP is designed to keep water out for you to get a dry, warm, and comfortable sleep when camping. The tent measures 8 feet x 8 feet and 11-inch in height, making it spacious to accommodate 6 people. The included telescopic poles allow you to take down and set up this camping tent within 60 seconds. This tent is equipped with E-Port to pass through an electrical cord from an external source.

The Ground vent and mesh roof make much better ventilation, the screen window helps keep mosquitoes and other insects out, and the waterproof layer with zippers will keep the rain out. This camping tent has three windows that allow you to enjoy the outside scene. Finally, it is provided with a top rain-fly.

Key Features
  • 1 minute instant set-up
  • Spacious interior room for one airbed
  • Ground vent and mesh roof for better ventilation
  • Electric cord access is equipped
  • Top rain-fly is provided

Reason to Buy

  • This tent is very easy to set up and features a Ground vent and mesh roof for better ventilation. What’s more, it has a screen window to keep mosquitoes and bugs outside while protecting you from rain, heat, or cold.

#1. MOON LENCE Waterproof Windproof Double Layer Camping Tent

MOON LENCE Waterproof Windproof Double Layer Camping Tent

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Family camping is now comfortable and fun with MOON LENCE Camping Tent. It is a roomy 2-adults Camping Tent made from 190T PU materials, which provide excellent UV resistance and water resistance. When unfolded, this camping tent measures 213 x 152 x 122cm and only weighs 2.7kg making it super easy to store and to transport. The two windows and ground vent provide much better ventilation while helping you to stay comfortable and cool.

Typically, this camping tent comes with 4 guy ropes and 9 lightweight iron pegs to keep it secure and resistant to wind. Moreover, it has double-layer walls that offer excellent resistance to harsh weather.

Key Features
  • Made of100% polyester
  • Weigh 2.7kg, making it super easy to carry
  • D-shaped doors with dual zippers
  • Setting up the tent takes less than 15min
  • Equipped with rainfly

Reason to Buy

  • This tent is made from 190T PU material that offers superior UV resistance and water resistance. In addition to that, it is lightweight, and you can fold it into a compact size for easy storage and transportation.

Six Person Tents Buying Guide

  • High-Quality Construction: You need to look for a tent made from good materials so that it will not let you down in the middle of a camping trip or bad weather. Get the one made from rugged and high-quality materials such as wear-proof and waterproof rip-stop polyester or nylon, fiberglass tent poles, rustproof metals, inverted seams, welded corners, etc.
  • Easy Assembly: Since you are getting a large-sized tent, it can be complicated and confusing to assemble. Therefore, get a tent that comes with easy-up assembly to enable you to set it up in minutes. Gone are those days when you have to break a sweat or fight to set up your tent.
  • Size and Layout: Six Person Tents come in a wide range of floor plan and sizes options. Some have one large room divided into 2 for privacy, while others have one large centralized room with small rooms that branch off for versatility. You also need to look at the interior height of the tent.


A good Six Person Tent will keep you and your family dry and warm in the wilderness. The tents listed above are weatherproof, durable, easy to set up, and lightweight for easy transportation. We hope that this guide has helped you find the one you like.

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One Comment

  1. Steve Jack

    January 3, 2021 at 11:52 am

    Are you looking for the best 6-person tent that you can use on a family camping adventure? If you need help with the purchasing process, this is the right place for you to be, because there is information on what you need to know before buying a 6-person tent and then top quality 6-person tents that you can choose from in 2019.

    There are numerous family tents that you will find on the market today and so it can be a little overwhelming to pick the best. With this in-depth guide and reviews, however, you will save much of your time and money because only the best products have been reviewed. Let’s get started.

    List of Best Six-Person Tents in 2019

    #10. OUTBOUND 6-Person Tent


    This is one of the best 6-person tents that you can buy 2019 for any outdoor adventure including camping and vacation at the beach. It features fiberglass easy up technology that facilitates easy setups that you will always save you more time. Additionally, one of the other things that you will love about this product is that it is roomy and that it features a D-shaped door. Inside the tent, you will find zip windows that are designed to facilitate ventilation.

    Moreover, there are interior mesh pockets that offer convenient additional room to store personal items while outdoors. The best thing about this product is that it is weather resistant. Therefore, its 600mm coated rainfly comes with a front canopy that offers users weather and water protection. Furthermore, this product features a lightweight and durable design because it features a long-lasting fiberglass material.

    Key Features

    Fiberglass easy up technology
    D-shaped door
    Built-in zip windows
    Interior mesh pockets
    Heavy-duty 600mm coated rainfly
    Lightweight and durable

    Reason to Buy

    Comprehensive assembly instructions
    Comes with a storage and carrying case
    Extra room for personal items
    Easy to set up
    Roomy construction
    Excellent ventilation

    #9. Wenzel 8-person Klondike Tent


    Here is another high-quality 6-person tent that you will always love because it is roomy enough for 6 people. The product comes with high-quality polyester and polyurethane materials that can withstand the test of time and weather. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor adventures, making it the best for kids when they are on holiday.

    Additionally, it comes with various color options for you to choose from. To keep you shielded from the rain, the product comes with a removable rainfly and this ensures that it can withstand tough weather and rain. Moreover, you will love the superior craftsmanship of this product that makes it highly durable. The product is also double stitched making it resistant to impact.

    Key Features

    Built to last
    Superior craftsmanship
    Accessory pockets
    Spacious interior

    Reason to Buy

    Hi-low ventilation

    #8. Kelty Outback Tent Grey


    Here is one of the best 6-person tents that come with a great camouflage color to outdoor settings. Therefore, it enhances your safety whenever you go out into the woods for camps. The product is also easy to use and it has been designed in such a way that it can withstand tough winds, enhancing its durability. There are built-in guyline storage pockets that come with this product which you can use to tuck it away when not in use.

    To boost comfort, this product comes with taped floor seams. Additionally, this ensures that water cannot access the interior of the tent when it rains. Moreover, it also comes with a big D door which allows easy access and exit. Furthermore, it comes with a clip and pole sleeve construction for easy setup. There are also no-see-um mesh sidewalls to boost ventilation.

    Key Features

    Internal storage pockets
    Taped floor seams
    Big-D door
    Clip and pole sleeve construction

    Reason to Buy

    Durable and comfortable
    High-quality materials
    Freestanding design

    #7. Mobihome 6-Person Tent


    Are you looking for the best instant setup tent that can be used by six people? Then you should consider buying this tent because it comes with a special hub system design for easy installation. Additionally, it also features an instant quick up design where you can easily roll it up during the day. One of the best things that you will love about this product is that it is highly and well ventilated.

    This is through the breathable micro-mesh roofs, door, and windows that it comes with. Additionally, this is a highly durable product that features sturdy construction to ensure that it withstands the test of tough weather and time. To keep you from getting wet during the rains, this product a rainfly and so water cannot access the interiors of the tent.

    Key Features

    Comfortable and spacious
    Water-resistant and lightweight
    190T polyester fly
    Instant quick up design
    Breathable micro-mesh
    Three windows and 1 door

    Reason to Buy

    Superior durability
    Excellent ventilation
    Easy access and exit
    Comfortable and spacious
    Easy to set up

    #6. NTK Colorado Outdoor Dome Family Camping Tent


    This is one of the best 6-person tents that you can buy on the market in 2019. The product is easy to assemble and it comes with clear instructions to help you do that. Additionally, this is a product that is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate 6 people. With this 6-person tent, you will always enjoy UV protection because it features an exclusive double-layered rainfly. The product features nano-flex technology as well, to offer extra flexibility and strength.

    Its fiberglass poles are interconnected using an extra-strong elastic cord and chrome plated ferrule connectors. Moreover, to ensure that insects do not access the interior space of the tent, this product comes with a breathable polyester mosquito mesh. The mesh also enhances ventilation inside the tent, keeping the air fresh and clean.

    Key Features

    50+ UV double-layered rainfly
    190T polyurethane polyester fabric
    Heavy-duty tent frame
    Nano-flex technology
    Insect proof micro-mesh
    Silver coated inner layer
    Unique bathtub style construction barrier

    Reason to Buy

    Insect proof
    Superior durability
    Excellent ventilation
    Anti-fungal treated floor
    Strong and flexible
    Quick setup

    #5. Timber Ridge 6 Person Camping Tent


    Have you been searching for a 6-person tent that can fit 2 queen-sized mattresses? Here is a product that will give you that and much more. The product comes with a spacious interior and can comfortably accommodate six people. Additionally, it is well ventilated and this is mainly facilitated by the side windows and the large D-shaped door.

    Moreover, the windows feature a mesh fabric that keeps insects from accessing the tent. It is also made using durable material ensuring that you get value for your money. Furthermore, this product comes with inverted seams to facilitate water resistance and welded floor for longevity and maximum protection.

    Key Features

    1-year manufacturer’s warranty
    Large side pockets
    LED hook at the top
    Cable port
    Inverted seams and welded floors
    Large d-shaped door
    Side windows
    Top dome-shaped

    Reason to Buy

    Maximum protection to users
    Excellent ventilation
    Water resistance
    Enough room for storing personal items
    Keeps insects away

    #4. HUI LINGYANG 6 Person Tent


    Are you planning a backpacking adventure, beach gathering, casual camping, and other outdoor recreational activities? Your best companion who can make your adventure remain memorable is this HUI LIINGYANG 6-person tent. The tent is easy to set up because it is an instant pop-up tent that is delivered with pre-assembled poles.

    Ventilation is not a problem when you buy this product because it comes with a large mesh window on both the left and right sides. Additionally, the large mesh windows also keep insects from accessing the tent. If you will be heading out during summer, you will be glad to use this tent because it features additional ventilation through the ground vents it comes with.

    Key Features

    Water-resistant fabric
    Heat-sealed seams
    Vented rainfly
    Ground vents
    Large mesh window

    Reason to Buy

    Spacious interior
    Easy and quick to set up
    Pre-assembled poles

    #3. CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent


    Here is a 6-person tent that comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. The product will, therefore, give you total satisfaction and the value for your money because it features high-quality construction. It also comes with lantern hooks to ensure that you can hang your lantern safely on it when darkness falls.

    This is by far one of the best 6-person tents that will keep your belongings very safe and organized as it comes with a large wall organizer as well. With this organizer, you can be sure that your items will be off the tent floor and neatly organized for easy access.

    Key Features

    Core water block technology
    One minute set up
    Lantern hooks
    Large wall organizer

    Reason to Buy

    1-year warranty
    Fits 2 queen air mattresses
    Keeps tent organized and neat
    Comes with a carry bag

    #2. Coleman Dome Tent for Camping


    Have you been looking for the best 6-person tent that features visual appeal even in the wild? Well… this is the product that is one of the best looking tents that you will find on the market in 2021. It comes with a great and cool look that elevates your moods while outdoors. Additionally, this is a product that will give you great value for your money because it is made to last.

    Moreover, the quality of this product is second to none because it comes with a great ability to withstand harsh weather like wind and rain. This product is water-resistant and so you do not have to worry about rain because it will offer you maximum protection.

    Key Features

    Large door
    Mesh fabric for ventilation
    Easy to set up

    Reason to Buy

    Excellent ventilation
    Comfortable and durable
    Looks great

    #1. Toogh 6-Person Tent


    Here is the best 6-person tent that you can use for outdoor settings. Additionally, this product has its roof high enough to allow an adult to stand comfortably stand without bending. Moreover, this camping tent gives you a home far away from home because it is very safe and comfortable when away for an outdoor adventure.

    Additionally, you will love the fact that it comes with a satisfaction guarantee where you get back your money if you are not fully satisfied with what It has to offer. Therefore, this is a risk-free purchase that will give you quality and durability that is second to none.

    Key Features

    Waterproof fabric
    100% money-back guarantee
    Spacious interior
    Four anti-wind ropes
    Mesh window

    Reason to Buy

    Superior craftsmanship
    Comfortable and durable
    Satisfaction guarantee
    Easy to set up

    6-Person Tent Buying Guide

    Assembly: The best 6-person tent on the market in 2019 is one that is easy to assemble and set up. This is because a complex tent will take much of your time setting up and at the end of it all, you might still not get it right. The 6-person tents reviewed below are all easy to set up and to help you with the process; they come with detailed instructions of setting it upright.
    Quality: This is a factor that should never be compromised when buying a 6-person tent. You should, therefore, ensure that the product is made using high-quality material to start with. Additionally, you should ensure that it can withstand tough weather and the test of time to give you the perfect value for your money.


    A 6-person tent is great for a family outdoor adventure or an outdoor excursion with friends. This is because it ensures that you stick to each other and have a great time at night without separating to individual tents. For this reason, you need to get only the best 6-person tent that will give you great service and value for your money.

    In this review, you will find the best tent that you can buy to comfortably accommodate six people. Products on this review are of high quality, durable and come at competitive prices. Pick the best that will match your needs and budget.


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