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Top 10 Best Light Bulb Cameras in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

by Nicolas Jone

Light bulb cameras have transformed how we keep our homes safe. Today, these models have improved in design and technologies. You can use it anywhere in your home, both indoors and outdoors, like any other security camera. Can you imagine some models even come with night vision and motion detection systems? Yes, and not only that. Other models even come with 2-way talk technology that allows you to communicate through the camera.

The advancements involved in this industry make it almost impossible for buyers to find a perfect model to purchase. Luckily for you, this post will make it easier to find the best light bulb camera for your needs. It gives you a list of the top best products available in the market and a buying guide that makes the whole process a walk in the park. Read more to know what’s available for you.

List of Best Light Bulb Cameras in 2024

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#10. Sengled 1080P Floodlight Security Wi-Fi Camera

Sengled 1080P Floodlight Security Wi-Fi Camera

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Sengled wants you to light up your life and at the same time improve your security with this Motion-Activated Light Bulb Camera. It comes with an improved security camera system that is 1080P FHD and with Full Color Night Vision. With it installed in your home, your home monitoring gets more manageable than ever. It gives you an easier way to keep an eye on what’s happening around and in your home 24/7.

What’s more, it has a 140° wide viewing angle with 1080 Full 1080P Full HD video streaming. The viewing angle might not be ideal for some areas, though. But considering it’s a multifunctional light bulb, you can position it right to get the best out of this viewing angle. The inbuilt mic and speaker allow 2-way audio allowing you to communicate through the camera. Thanks to this technology, it’s easier to hear and speak to your visitors on a tablet or smartphone.

Key Features
  • Two-Way Audio
  • 140° Wide View Angle
  • Motion Detection Alerts
  • Works with Alexa-enabled devices
  • Customize alert settings
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Easy to Install
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#9. HIJUNMI 1080P Light Bulb Camera

HIJUNMI 1080P Light Bulb Camera

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This HIJUNMI Light Bulb Camera comes as a Dome Surveillance Cam perfect for Home Security. It has a 360° panoramic view that makes it excellent for any room or open area. You can use it to monitor your Baby and Pet at home. Thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity, you can use it to monitor your home wirelessly and remotely.

Its motion sensor technology allows it to detect motion and send an alert message to your smartphone app automatically. And you know what, you can view this light bulb camera with five phones at the same time using the HIJUNMI app. And thanks to the memory card, video encryption makes everything recorded protected from criminals. It does also support on/off light timing.

Key Features
  • 360° Full HD Video w/Night Vision
  • Real-time monitoring or video playback
  • Wireless Connection
  • Motion Detection
  • Alarm Function
  • Easy to Set Up

#8. HIJUNMI Full HD 1080P Light Bulb Camera

HIJUNMI Full HD 1080P Light Bulb Camera

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Another best light bulb camera is the HIJUNMI FHD 1080P Light Bulb Camera with an infrared night camera. It uses a fisheye lens with a 360° view. As a Wireless Security IP Panoramic Camera, it uses 2.4GHz Wi-Fi to ensure a reliable connection every time. Its IR Motion Detection allows the camera to offer 24/7 monitoring, and when it detects any motion, the camera sends an alert message sent to the phone app.

Like the model above, you can view it from five phones simultaneously using HIJUNMI app. The infrared night vision makes it quite useful even in those dark kid’s rooms. The configuration is relatively easy and straightforward, especially with the provided instructions. The dual camera-light bulb design makes it practical to give light and also offers monitoring services.

Key Features
  • Easy installation
  • Infrared night vision
  • Memory card video encryption
  • 360° Full HD Light Bulb Camera
  • Motion Detection Alarm
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Video playback

#7. FOOKTU Smart Wi-Fi Bulb Camera

FOOKTU Smart Wi-Fi Bulb Camera

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FOOKTU Smart Wi-Fi Bulb Camera comes as a 3-in-1 Hidden Camera that comes with a Bluetooth Speaker. It provides 360 Degree Full HD 1080P video surveillance that you get to enjoy indoors but not outdoors. What’s more, it comes with built-in a 360-degree fisheye lens to offer a wide HD panoramic viewing angle and no blind area.

The multicolor LEDs are used here to create unique decorative lighting options, and you still have the command to use the bright white light. Its two-way audio allows you to share a communication directly through the bulb camera. The wireless capability gives you control over the on/off, alarm, and motion sensor settings. The Bluetooth speaker allows it to work as a music player too.

Key Features
  • Multicolor LEDs
  • Schedule Feature
  • Pre-programmed scenes
  • Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
  • Panoramic viewing angle
  • Two-way conversation
  • Motion Detection
  • Alert Notification

#6. Symynelec Wireless Bulb Security Camera

Symynelec Wireless Bulb Security Camera

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Symynelec Wireless Bulb Security Camera is another impressive 360° Panoramic Security Camera Bulb that works wirelessly for baby, pet, or general home monitoring. Its simple Wi-Fi setup allows you to have it ready and operation in minutes. All thanks to the straightforward, easy to follow the instruction in the owner’s manual. It requires a 2.4GHz router for a reliable connection every time. Thanks to the Wi-Fi capability, you can check your home’s state remotely using an iOS or an Android smartphone.

It does also support motion detection designed to alert you when any movement is detected. This feature runs under the support of a microSD card and night-vision technology. The camera also uses 2-way audio communication allowing you to communicate with the person on the other side remotely using your monitoring device. As a multifunctional, versatile bulb camera, you can use it as a nanny camera, security business monitoring, remote live video streaming, vacation home monitoring, and more.

Key Features
  • Multiple Motion Detection Sensitivity
  • 2-Way audio communication
  • Flexible multifunction bulb
  • HD 1080P High Resolution
  • 360° Panoramic Viewing
  • Micro SD card support
  • Night vision function
  • Alarm Function
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#5. HeyLR Light Bulb Wireless IP Camera

HeyLR Light Bulb Wireless IP Camera

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HeyLR Light Bulb Camera is available as a wide-angle panoramic IP camera that also operates as an LED light bulb. It has impressed a lot of its previous users, thus gaining a lot of reviews in return. As a remote floodlight with infrared night vision and motion detection, you can use it for home security, baby, pet, elder, and nanny monitoring wireless. There is a remote control to control the viewing angle and direction.

Remote functionality relies on the camera compatibility with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. You should know, it does not work with 5 GHz Wi-Fi. Thanks to the wireless connection, you can view everything happening in your home remotely through your iPhone, iPad, or Android Smartphone. Its 2-way audio makes this security light bulb camera multifunction. You can use it as a baby monitor, an LED light for that dark room, or a camera during the day and night.

Key Features
  • Two Way Audio
  • Motion Detection
  • Real 1080P Full HD
  • Perfect Infrared Night Vision
  • Video and Account Encryption
  • High-quality optics SONY
  • CE & FCC certified

#4. Mliyam 1080p 2-Way Smart Bulb Camera

Mliyam 1080p 2-Way Smart Bulb Camera

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If you’ve not found an impressive model to buy yet, here is another best light bulb camera you can buy, the Mliyam Smart Bulb Camera. It’s available as a Wi-Fi 1080p 360-Degree Panoramic Camera with night vision and rotation function. Do you know what that means? It’s a surveillance fisheye HD camera you can use to monitor a wide area, if not the entire room.

The camera movement allows you to keep an eye on all four walls, efficiently eliminating blind spots. Installing the camera is like installing a regular light bulb. Its setup and configuration are relatively straightforward. The best part is, you don’t need the expensive camera DVR for the setup; you can do everything from an iOS or Android app.

Key Features
  • 360 Degree Super Wide Angle View
  • Easy Installation: Requires No Installer
  • Panoramic Fish Eye HD Camera
  • Live Viewing and Night Vision
  • Motion Detection
  • Easy To Use

#3. Freenics Home Security Camera

Freenics Home Security Camera

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Everyone wants a Full HD 1080P Wireless home monitoring camera, and Freenics Home Security Camera satisfies those needs relatively well. It comes as a Panoramic Wi-Fi IP Camera designed to offer exceptional Home CCTV Surveillance with Motion Detection and Alarm. Its full HD 1080p camera ensures you get the best video quality.

With the model using a wide panoramic viewing angle from the built-in fisheye lens, you can be sure there will be no blind areas. Its built-in motion sensor is exceptional. When triggered, it sets the light and siren on, take a snapshot, enables video recording, and best of all, sends you an instant app notification. And you know what, this model supports on, off, AI, timing, and auto mode missing from the previous models listed above.

Key Features
  • Full HD 1080P Camera
  • Built-in HD Fish-Eye lens
  • Panoramic Viewing Angle
  • Built-in Motion Sensor Light
  • On/Off/AI/Timing/Auto modes
  • Easy Installation & Setup

#2. TKONG HD 1080P Light Bulb Camera

TKONG HD 1080P Light Bulb Camera

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This next model, the TKONG HD 1080P Light Bulb Camera, comes with a 16GB Card and supports a 2.4GHz router, which is practical and convenient for home or small office use. It’s more of a Wireless Security IP with 360 Degrees Panoramic. If you need a reliable VR Home Surveillance Cam, this is it. You can use it during the day and night thanks to its Night Vision 1080p surveillance.

Setting it up is relatively easy; all you need is to download the compatible application and follow the given instructions in the owner’s manual. Thanks to its Motion Detection and Alarm system, you can now stay at peace knowing the camera will alert and set the alarm when motion is detected. The full HD 1080p camera gives a high-quality video stream while its Panoramic View eliminates blind areas.

Key Features
  • Full HD 1080P
  • Remote Control & View
  • 360 Degrees Panoramic
  • Smart Motion Detection Alarm
  • Support Micro SD Card
  • Intelligent AI Mode
  • Easy Installation

#1. NAIYO 1080P Light Bulb Camera

NAIYO 1080P Light Bulb Camera

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NAIYO 1080P Light Bulb Camera is the highly-rated product on the list, and for a good reason. Apart from being the best-selling product here, it has impressed many of its buyers with its exceptional and reliable video streaming. It relies on a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection to stream live surveillance remotely using your iOS or Android smartphone. It uses a Dome 1080p Surveillance Camera with a 360° panoramic monitoring angle.

That means it can cover all around, eliminating blind areas. It does also come with a 16GB SC card to record videos during motion detection or when you need to record specific footage. Apart from giving you real-time video coverage, you also get to enjoy energy-saving and bright LED lighting to light your life. And the best part is, it’s multifunctional and versatile; you can use it in your office or home for monitoring your baby, elderly, or pets.

Key Features
  • Multiple device access
  • Real-time video function
  • 2.4GHz Wireless connection
  • High-definition fisheye camera
  • Motion detection reminder
  • 360° Panoramic Camera
  • Remote viewing
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Best Light Bulb Cameras Buying Guide

One thing you should know, every model listed above has something unique to offer. The features might seem the same, but it’d be best to be extra keen while making your selection. Here are some of the factors to consider while choosing the best light bulb camera to buy.

Definition: Today, almost everyone is used to HD images and videos. Utilizing a camera with a standard definition to monitor your home won’t be ideal.

It would be best if you had something with 960p or 1080p. If you want to get crystal-clear images, the best is full HD 1080p.

Memory Card Capacity: Even though not all light bulb cameras come with SD memory cards, they are all compatible.

However, the compatibility capacity differs. A camera will have a memory card compatibility up to a particular storage capacity.

Most of these cameras stream live videos, by at times, you might want to record particular footage.

A memory card is necessary if you want to record a specific coverage, especially during motion detection—the bigger the SD card, the large the footage you will record.

Night Vision: One thing that makes today’s cameras quite useful is the night vision technology. That to this innovation, the can monitor your home and office during the day and at night.

If you need an outdoor light bulb camera, night vision is an essential feature. Get a camera that can capture clear images at night to enjoy the best outdoor security surveillance.

In some cases, you might also a light bulb camera with night vision for outdoor use. If you need to use it as a baby, elderly, or pet monitor, you might want to keep an eye on them all the time. A model with night vision technology will ensure you achieve that exceptionally.

Coverage: The amount of coverage required depends on the purpose of installing the camera. If you need an indoor light bulb camera, it needs to have enough room coverage.

A limited coverage might be enough for less demanding needs like child monitoring or other non-security monitoring.

But if you need an outdoor light bulb camera, you will want to make sure it can cover the entire front or back porch and view a better part of your yard.

The best coverage is a 360-degree panoramic view. That way, you don’t worry if your camera pans one way; this type of coverage allows it to see everything inside a room.

But if you need unidirectional coverage, it’s not a must. You get a 180-degree view camera, especially if you’re installing it in a tight corner.

Remote control: One requirement of using a light bulb camera is to download a compatible app to your smartphone, computer, or tablet. That allows you to configure, control and also view your home or office remotely.

Some apps are more advanced depending on the model and maker to allow you to enjoy additional features such as light bulb on and off, light intensity, video recording, still capturing, and more.

If your camera has a motion detection sensor, it needs to alert you of an intruder through the remote app.

Read the product description to know what remote access allows you to control before deciding to buy.

Wi-Fi: There two types of Wi-Fi signals, the 5G internet, and 2.4G. Most light bulb cameras do not support the 5G connection.

Even though 5GHz Wi-Fi is considered superior when it comes to speed, there is a downside. Its signal cannot travel far and doesn’t penetrate through the walls easily than the 2.4GHz signal.

That is why most of the devices will use 2.4GHz Wi-Fi with superior range. The advanced model will give you the option to pick the best depending on the router position.

If you’re installing the light bulb camera outdoors, it’d be best to go with 2.4G, but if you need an indoor light bulb camera installed near the router, a 5G connection would be the best.

2-Way Talk: For anyone looking for a light bulb camera specifically for video surveillance and security, a 2-way talk is a necessary feature.

It allows you to communicate with the person viewed by the camera. This might be your little ones, an elderly, a nanny, or just a visitor.


As you can see, we’ve simplified the buying for you. All you have to do now is go through the products we’ve listed here and pick the best for your specific needs. Take your time to check the buying considerations to make sure you’re buying only the best for the requirements at hand. Good Luck!

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