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Top 10 Best Smart Door Locks in 2021 Reviews

by Johnny D

Besides having a solid security system for your home, you will also need a dedicated smart door lock. Remember, door locks offer immediate defense against burglars. These locks keep your family and households safe and secure when at home or away. Forget the traditional deadbolt locks and upgrade your home’s security by investing in a smart door lock. Unlike the conventional locks that require a mechanical key, you don’t need to carry your keys wherever you go. More importantly, this would mean that you wouldn’t be locked out when you lose or misplace your keys.

Another main advantage that comes with these keys is that they bring keyless entry convenience. By combining remote access through your Smartphone or entering code on a keypad, your life has never been easier. This is especially useful when you grant your guests or other family members access, even when you are not at home. Moreover, these smart devices have inbuilt alarms and other anti-theft features that prevent unauthorized access. With that said, we have multitudinous smart door locks on the market. So how do we go about choosing the best model? Well, our detailed guide below offers you everything you need to know about these locks. This helps you to make an informed buying decision.

List of Best Smart Door Locks in 2022

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#10. Smart WiFi Home Door Lock

Smart WiFi Home Door Lock

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A smart door lock should not only keep your home secure but also provides easy access for both you and your guests. Forget carrying your keys and enjoy keyless entry using your Smartphone. The Smart WiFi home door lock comes equipped with numerous features that enhance your convenience. To start, this lock comes with a temporary visitor password. This feature enables you to create a onetime temporary password for your visitors through your Smartphone. Next, we have the random password creation. Protect your password from prying eyes. With this feature, you can enter any random numbers before or after entering the correct password.

Another powerful we love about this unit is the real-time updates when you have a visitor. The lock enables you to view the logs of all your visitors. Since every user has unique codes, it is easy to understand the timings and behavior of each visitor. Equally important, this lock is adaptable for almost all doors. For enhanced performance, this lock also supports fingerprint unlock, mechanical keys, as well as a wireless app control.

Key Features
  • Sends real-time updates whenever you have a visitor
  • Has a mechanical key option
  • Anti-peeping functionality
  • Comes with all the installation tools
Reason to buy
  • Stylish, modern design looks great on your door
  • Lets you create a temporary password for your visitor
  • Adaptable for almost all doors

#9. Lockly Bluetooth Smart Lock

Lockly Bluetooth Smart Lock

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Are you looking to upgrade your old lock to a smart lock? Well, improve your home’s overall security with the Lockly smart lock. Unlike the conventional deadbolt locks, this smart lock offers several unlocking and locking options. Now you can gain access to your home with your phone, physical key, digital keypad, or even using your fingerprint. Your guest doesn’t have to stay outside when you are not at home. This innovative device enables you to give a keyless entry wherever you are.

Plus, the smart features don’t mean you will have to compromise your home’s safety. This is one of the few smart locks that come with peek proof technology. This innovation uses a unique algorithm that reshuffles the digits every time the code is applied. Similarly, the locks work on both android and iOS Smartphones. Buy it with confidence! The locks fit in any conventional door and come ready to install.

Key Features
  • Simple DIY Installation
  • Secure Digital Keypad
  • Has a 3D Fingerprint Sensor
  • Includes two mechanical keys
Reason to buy
  • Brings the convenient keyless entry
  • Lets you monitor each access remotely
  • Adaptable with Most conventional Doors

#8. XenLock Pro Full Lockset

XenLock Pro Full Lockset

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Are you fond of forgetting your keys at home or when you leave the office? Relish in the freedom of not having to carry your keys everywhere you go with the XenLock lockset. Replace your traditional lock and control the access wherever you are. Better yet, you don’t have to rush from your workplace just to get home when you have a guest waiting. With a fast and easy key sharing feature, this unit lets you send access codes to your guests remotely.

Again, forgetting to lock your door is out of the question. This smart works with Alexa to lock, unlock as well as query the status of your lock. To improve the overall security, this unit also comes with an inbuilt speaker alarm. Once the alarm is triggered, you get instant notifications. What’s more, we love the solid metal construction and universal compatibility.

Key Features
  • Sentry Mode Guard
  • Sends instant alerts and notification
  • Inbuilt security alarm
  • Fast and secure locking and unlocking
Reason to buy
  • Made of solid metal that is sturdy and secure
  • Works well with most standard doors
  • Beautiful, modern finish

#7. Wandwoo Electronic Door Locks

Wandwoo Electronic Door Locks

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Smart locks are a nice choice- but some of us would still not want to remove the convenience that comes with the old locking system. The Wandwoo smart lock combines the old retro look with advanced security as well as enhanced convenience. It boasts of a three in one lock/unlock mechanism. This enables you to secure or gain access through a passcode, Bluetooth or using a mechanical key. Plus, we love the auto-lock feature. This ensures that your door is secure even when you forget to lock it.

Never worry about your code falling into the wrong hands! Well, this model comes with anti- peep password protection that ensures prying eyes never catch your password. Also, with this lock, you get full control of your home. The app enables you to check the unlocking records and share access codes with your housekeeper, nanny, visitor, or a tenant. Additionally, this model comes with a high capacity battery that doesn’t need constant recharging.

Key Features
  • High capacity rechargeable battery
  • Supports multiple key methods
  • Sturdy zinc alloy construction
  • Fingerprint resistant touchpad
Reason to buy
  • Monitor your doors from anywhere
  • Easy installation within minutes
  • Stylish and modern look

#6. AIGURD Biometric Smart Lock

AIGURD Biometric Smart Lock

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Have you ever forgotten to lock your door when you leave in a hurry? Did you forget that you had an appointment with your housekeeper and forgot about it while at work? Solve all these inconveniences by investing in this smart lock from AIGUARD. It features the world’s first three in one keyless operation. Get instant access through fingerprints, passcode, or physical key. Unlike other models, this lock also offers access to up to 200 users. Out of these, ten users have administrative controls, 50 uses can open and lock the door while 140 users can only open the lock.

The lock also comes with a left handled handle that is not reversible. This feature improves the overall lifetime as it is rated to work well for over 600,000 times. In the same breath, the lock is made of the superior stainless steel shell. This makes it not only dustproof but also rustproof as well as waterproof.

Key Features
  • Has a 304 stainless steel shell
  • Irreversible handle for extended lifetime
  • Accepts up to 200 user IDs
  • Anti-peep password function
Reason to buy
  • Easy to install and to operate
  • Locks automatically after five seconds
  • Modern design and compatible with most doors

#5. Ultraloq U-bolt Bluetooth Smart Deadbolt

Ultraloq U-bolt Bluetooth Smart Deadbolt

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Affordable, secure, and convenient! Made from one of the most reputable brands, the Ultraloq smart deadbolt delivers convenient keyless entry. Interestingly, this lock offers this convenience in two clever ways. One, you can unlock or lock your door right from your Smartphone using the Bluetooth technology. Next, this unit comes with a keypad where you can input the preset codes. This feature allows you to control who gets in and out of your home remotely.

One of the unique features we love about this model is the anti peep keypad. This keypad enables you to type random numbers before embedding your correct password. By doing so, you will be sure that strangers never steal your login codes. Next, this model utilizes low power consuming Bluetooth technology. This ensures that you stay for a long time without replacing the batteries. Again, as you would expect, it is not only weatherproof but also looks great on your door.

Key Features
  • No monthly feels
  • Dual Data Encryption
  • Low power consuming Bluetooth technology
  • Anti-peep Keypad
Reason to buy
  • DIY Installation
  • Energy-efficient, batteries do not require frequent replacement
  • Access real-time notifications and alerts

#4. InteTrend Electronic Deabolt Locks

InteTrend Electronic Deabolt Locks

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Give your home the security upgrade it needs! Secure and gain access instantly with your Smartphone, Bluetooth module, keypad, or using a mechanical key. Even better, this lock also lets you get entry to your home with preset digital codes. Similar to premium conventional deadbolt locks, this model is made from anti-impact metal entry. One of the other main selling points that come with this model is that it fits most residential doors.

Besides, you get the much-needed convenience. Unlike the traditional keyed locks where you may need to go back to check whether the door is a lock, you can now relax. This unit comes with a five seconds automatic lock. Moreover, this model comes with an inbuilt alarm speaker that alerts you and your neighbor of any unusual entry.

Key Features
  • Multiple Entry codes
  • Premium Zinc allow construction
  • Has a five seconds auto-lock
  • Works with Alexa
Reason to buy
  • Sturdily built to ensure the best protection
  • A smart design that gives your home a modern look
  • Works with most standard doors

#3. Yale Assure Lock with Z-Wave

Yale Assure Lock with Z-Wave

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Your life has never been happier! Imagine having to let your neighbor check on your pet while you are on vacation! Or letting in your spouse when at work! Interestingly you can do all this without giving them a physical key? The Yale Assure lock gives access to your home by entering a 4-8 pin code. Different from other models, this model has a touchscreen keypad with a backlight. This ensures convenience, even in low-lit areas.

Give access to every trusted member of your family member, your nannies, home caretakers, repair people, and friends when you are not at home. Surprisingly, this gadget stores up to 250 codes. It also works with Z-wave smart home devices as well as other devices such as smart alarms and Amazon Alexa. This is not all; the locks set up quickly and installs in an existing deadbolt by using a screwdriver only.

Key Features
  • Stores up to 250 unique codes
  • Works with Amazon Alexa
  • Z-Wave compatibility
  • Stylish yet sturdy construction
Reason to buy
  • DIY installation on an existing deadbolt
  • Comes with a backlit touchscreen
  • Have two physical keys

#2. Schlage Connect Camelot Deadbolt

Schlage Connect Camelot Deadbolt

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Schlage Connect smart lock combines all the best security features in one solid, convenient, and secure lock. It redefines how we view securing a home. It pairs a sleek design, intuitive touchscreen, and keyless entry. This means no fumbling your keys or having to forget or lose them. The advanced touchscreen is fingerprint-resistant. This ensures that the intruders never get the chance to detect your fingerprints even after multiple uses.

Plus, it features Z-wave technology, which enables you to run your home wherever you are. Other than this, the lock also has three alert modes. These include tamper, activity, and forced entry. This ensures instant alerts when you have a guest or potential security threats. Moreover, the inbuilt alarm wades off uninvited guests.

Key Features
  • Fingerprint-Resistant Touchscreen
  • Inbuilt alarm technology
  • High capacity battery
  • Keyless Security
Reason to buy
  • Works with Alexa
  • High customer ratings
  • Includes a back up physical key

#1. Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Smart Lock

Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Smart Lock

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After a long day at work, nothing feels disappointing than rushing home only to find that you left your keys at the office or lost them while commuting. Take advantage of this five in one keyless entry smart lock and live a happier life. It features a fingerprint, Smartphone, code, knocks to open, and a mechanical key. Primarily, it is designed to use advanced fingerprint technology. To ensure seamless operation, the lock has a dustproof, scratchproof, and a waterproof sensor. Additionally, it records up to 95 fingerprints. The super sensitive and responsive sensor also identifies a user in less than a second and accepts fingerprints for both kids and adults.

With the anti-peep password feature, you never have to worry about a stranger stealing your codes. The feature enables you to type random digits before the correct password. Other incredible features that we love about this model are that it installs easily and works with most conventional doors. What’s more, for enhanced convenience, this model comes with an intuitive OLED screen.

Key Features
  • Premium Metal Construction
  • Compatible with Android and iOS smart devices
  • Intuitive OLED Screen
  • Has a reversible handle
Reason to buy
  • Simple Setup and DIY Installation
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Anti peep protection

Smart Door Lock Buying Guide

Forget the traditional locks; smart door locks are indispensable when it comes to protecting your household goods. With these locks, you can now leave your home with confidence, knowing everything is secure. However, with various models on the market, there are a few things you need to consider before making your choice.

  • Working mechanism:  Undoubtedly, smart door locks are advanced from conventional locks that work manually. However, just because a lock has a modern look doesn’t mean that it is a smart lock. Additionally, these locks come with various technologies. Some are keyless, while others come with a mechanical key option. To be on the safe side, we recommend going for models that come with a timeless design. Therefore, pick a model that not only has a touchpad but also offers wireless access.
  • Compatibility: Of course, you wouldn’t want to purchase something that doesn’t fit on your door, right? While most locks promise a seamless integration to your door, not all of them do so. For this reason, ensure that you look at the locks set up and installation instructions. Moreover, if you already have a smart home hub, go for a lock that integrates with that specific hub.
  • Keypads: Most of these locks have other unlocking options. These alternatives include but not limited to, mechanical keys and keypads. For those who don’t want to carry keys to ensure that you pick a model with an inbuilt keypad. Otherwise, you may risk being locked out when your phone dies before reaching home.


Save yourself the frustration of misplacing or losing keys by investing in a smart lock. The products reviewed above offers you the much-needed freedom of never having to carry your keys again. Also, you get the convenience of giving your guests remote access, even when you are not at home. Choose any of the models that meet your needs and upgrade your home’s security.

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