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Top 10 Best Paper Shredders in 2024 Reviews | Guide

by Steve Jack

A paper shredder is a machine that shreds sheets of paper into tiny unreadable particles. The device is useful to organizations, individuals, and businesses to destroy confidential documents. The shredders come in various sizes and prices ranging from small shredders that can shred a specific number of sheets at a go to large shredders that are mainly used for commercial purposes and can shred up to millions of sheets at a go.

This article gives you a clear guide on the top 10 best paper shredders in 2024 and what to look for before acquiring one. We have highlighted the distinct features that you need to look out for when buying one. It will guide you into buying a capable shredder that will be value for your money.

List of Best Paper Shredders in 2024

#10. Boxis AF80 Paper Shredder

Boxis AF80 Paper Shredder

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The Boxis paper shredder can shred up to 80 sheets of paper at a rate of 11 feet every minute for ten minutes before a cool down. The paper feeder is automatic and will detect and start shredding the sheets automatically. You can also adjust the setting to shred the papers at the press of a button instantaneously. It has an extra cutter that shreds eight sheets at a time at 6.9 feet of sheet every minute for five minutes continuously.

This shredder will shred a letter-size sheet into 1500 tiny particles that are unreadable. This machine is also efficient at shredding your credit card into small particles. The device comes with casters than make it easy to move and are lockable to keep it stable. The shredder weighs 16 pounds.

Key Features
  • Shreds up to 80 sheets
  • Shredding rate of 11 feet every minute
  • Runs for 10 minutes continuously
  • Comes with a separate cutter
  • Movable with lockable casters

Reason to Buy

  • The shredder’s paper feed is both automatic and manual
  • Efficient in a small office and home environment
  • Comes with an extra cutter
  • Shreds credit cards as well
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#9. Giantex Paper Shredder

Giantex Paper Shredder

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The Giantex paper shredder has a high capacity, and it can shred up to ten sheets of paper at a go. It shreds the sheets to 0.256 square inch bits rendering you high security when it comes to sensitive data. This shredder is also able to cross-cut your credit cards and staples. The machine comes with an inbuilt anti-overheating feature with a warning led light. A sign led light alerts you in case of an overheating incidence.

A security switch will shut down the shredder if the top lid is removed while the machine is still in use. With a sound of fewer than seventy-two decibels, this shredder will give you a serene working environment. Emptying the trash is easy since the top of the shredder is removable. It has a high capacity inner basket to keep the jams, and it also easy to clean up. It is easily portable and lightweight, meaning you can carry it between your home and job at will.

Key Features
  • It destroys up to 10 sheets at a time
  • Seventy-two decibels working noise level
  • Shreds paper, staple and credit cards
  • Large-capacity inner basket
  • Automatic guard against overheating
  • Safety interlock switch
  • Portable and lightweight

Reason to Buy

  • It has a large capacity, and it can shred up to 10 sheets is a single shred
  • Provides a pleasant working environment as it is less noisy
  • Easy to use and comes with a manual

#8. Insignia Mail Shredder

Insignia Mail Shredder

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This shredder cross-cuts your sensitive documents giving you a secure way to get rid of your sensitive data. It has an average capacity, and it can shred up to six sheets of paper per shred. You are, therefore, able to cut down on the time you spend getting rid of your documents to focus on more critical activities. It can swallow most of your rejected materials without problems with a 4.7-inch entry opening.

This shredder can comfortably rest on your working desk as it comes with a standard bin size. Weighing 4 pounds, it is light-weight and easily portable, meaning you can carry it between your work stations and your home. It comes with a fixed plug-in power cable, unlike some that come with inbuilt batteries.

Key Features
  • Uses a cross-cut method
  • Has a large capacity
  • Shreds six papers at a go
  • A 4.7-inch entry opening
  • Small enough to fit on your working desk

Reason to Buy

  • It provides you with a safe way to discard your unwanted sensitive documents
  • Has a relatively large capacity
  • Quickly takes in most of the document sizes with a 4.7-inch opening

#7. Aurora Credit Card and Paper Shredder

Aurora Credit Card and Paper Shredder

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This shredder comes in two sizes, a twelve sheet shredder and a fourteen sheet shredder. It will effectively destroy your credit cards and little paper clips. It shreds the papers up to less than 320 square millimeters reducing your sensitive data is reduce to irrecoverable minimums. It can shred for three minutes uninterrupted.

This shredder is highly secure, and it comes with an anti-overload switch. An anti-overheat thermal switch will keep the machine from overheating. It has a four power mode switch – automatic, power off, reverse, and forward. A led indicator will show if the device is on or on standby, and it will also warn you in case of an overheating incidence.

Key Features
  • An angled entry opening prevents accidents
  • Automatically stop in case of an overload
  • Has a one-hand handle
  • Comes with an overheating protection feature

Reason to Buy

  • Shreds your documents up to less than 320 square millimeter bits
  • Angled opening prevents serious hand injuries
  • Anti-paper jam feature saves time
  • Anti-overload safety switch avoids paper jams
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#6. EZBASICS Shredder


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The Ezbasics shredder is one of the quietest shredders in the market with a noise level of fifty-eight decibels. This machine will shred your documents to less than 160 square millimeter bits keeping your discarded data safe. It can also effectively shred your credit cards, staples, and paper clips. It is very reliable and comes with a seven-year life expectancy.

Its stylish appearance adds a touch of style to your decor, and its small size means you can keep it on your desk if you want to. A see-through window enables you to track the fill level of the bin. A pull-out handle is designed to make emptying the basket easy. It comes with a standard automatic start, and it can be manually reversed to clear out paper jams. A mechanical stop shredding feature stops the shredding when the machine overheats.

Key Features
  • 58-decibel noise level
  • Shreds papers to less than 160 square millimeters
  • See-through window to show when the basket is full
  • Pull out handle makes emptying the bucket easier

Reason to Buy

  • It has a 7-year life expectancy
  • Modish to add flavor to your interior design
  • Less noisy to give you a quiet working environment

#5. Sentinel FM121P Paper and Credit Card Shredder

Sentinel FM121P Paper and Credit Card Shredder

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This Sentinel shredder has a huge capacity that can accommodate up to twelve sheets of paper in one shred. It a relatively larger size compared to its competitors with a standard dimension of 12.9 by 9.1 by 16.9 inches. It comes with a p-4 level of security, meaning it will shred your documents to bits of less than 160 square millimeters. It destroys seven feet of paper in a minute.

It can automatically start and stop to prevent paper jams and overloads. A manual reverse feature also aids in getting rid of paper jams. The shredder comes with led light indicators to warn you against an undetected open door while the machine is in use, overload and overheating. It is less noisy with a practical noise level of 72 decibels. It can continuously shred for two minutes.

Key Features
  • Shreds up to twelve sheets of paper at a time
  • It shreds up to 7 feet of paper in a minute
  • Automatically starts and stops
  • Overload and overheat led indicator
  • Easily movable with casters

Reason to Buy

  • Has a large capacity
  • Anti-paper jam function
  • Easily movable with casters
  • Large waste bin capacity of four gallons

#4. Royal 1840MX Paper Shredder

 Royal 1840MX Paper Shredder

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This shredder is highly suitable for commercial purposes or busy environments. It can shred papers for a continuous sixty minutes. It comes with a large volume waste bucket of eight and a half gallons with a pull out handle. The shredder can take up to eighteen sheets of paper to shred in a single run.

This shredder uses the cross-cut, one of the safest methods to ensure your sensitive documents are safely discarded. An angular paper entry provides it easy to insert the papers for shredding and also prevents accidents. A manual reverse feature is helpful when it comes to clearing out paper jams. The shredder has a transparent window enabling you to see when the waste bucket is full.

Key Features
  • Transparent waste bucket window
  • Runs continuously for 60 minutes
  • Destroys 18 sheets of paper in a single shred
  • Uses cross-cut
  • Angular paper entry
  • Pull out handle for easy retrieval

Reason to Buy

  • Suitable for commercial use
  • Large waste bucket capacity
  • Comes with anti-paper jam feature
  • Easily movable with casters

#3. GBC Paper Shredder

GBC Paper Shredder

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The GBC shredder uses the cross-cut method to shred your sensitive documents to bits of less than 160 square millimeters. A red led indicator lights up when the shredder’s maximum feed is reached, preventing an overload. A green led light indicates the shredder is within safe feeding levels. This feature helps to avoid paper jams. The shredder can destroy up to twelve sheets of paper at a go.

The shredder comes with five-gallon waste bucked that is set up with a transparent window to help you detect the waste level. The waste bucket has a pull-out handle to make the emptying process as easy as it can be. A led indicator lights up when the waste bucket is full. This shredder can also effectively shred DVDs, paper staples, CDs, and clips. A sharp cutter receives the discs to prevent the primary cutter from wearing out fast.

Key Features
  • Has a p-4 security level
  • Red and green led indicators to help detect paper jams
  • Shreds up to twelve sheets of paper in a single shred
  • Comes with a five-gallon waste bucket
  • Separate cutter for CDs, DVDs, staples, and clips

Reason to Buy

  • It has a p-4 security level
  • Large capacity. Shreds twelve sheets of paper at a go
  • Shreds paper, credit cards, DVDs, CDs, staples, and clips
  • Large waste bucket of up to five gallons

#2. Amazon Basics Paper and Credit Card Shredder

Amazon Basics Paper and Credit Card Shredder

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The Amazon Basics shredder uses cross-cut to shred your papers and also credit cards. It can destroy up to 12 sheets of paper in a single shred. This shredder can tear for a continuous 7 minutes, followed by a cool off time of 30 minutes. The shredder will automatically start and reverse to prevent and clear out paper jams. An 8.7-inch entry opening will comfortable accommodate almost any document size.

The shredder comes with a standard 4.8 waste bucket and an anti-overheating guard feature. It will shut down in case it detects an overheating occurrence. Side handles make opening the shredder head easy. Its small size makes it suitable for your home and office use. Its dimensions are 14.1 inches by 10.1 inches by 16.3 inches.

Key Features
  • Destroy 12 sheets of paper in a single shred
  • Can shred for a continuous seven minutes
  • Has a 30-minute cool downtime
  • Automatic start and reverse to prevent paper jam
  • 8.7-inch opening

Reason to Buy

  • Large capacity to accommodate 12 sheets in a single entry
  • It is secure using the cross-cut method
  • Effective running for seven continuous minutes
  • Overheating safeguard feature that shuts down the machine

#1. Bonsaii Paper Shredder

 Bonsaii Paper Shredder

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The Bonsaii paper shredder can shred ten sheets of paper in one shred. It shreds the documents to bits measuring 200 square millimeters. It is also able to destroy credit cards and staples. It has led indicators to warn against overheating and overloading. Its 5.5-gallon waste bucket holds up to 320 sheets of shredded paper; hence, you don’t have to empty the bin as often.

A see-through window assists you in detecting when the waste bucket is full to avoid paper jams. The Bonsaii paper shredder runs for four continuous minutes and cools for 40 minutes, which is sufficient for most home and office work.

Key Features
  • Shreds ten sheets at a time
  • Shreds the papers to tiny bits of 200 square millimeters
  • Led light indicator for overheating
  • Led light indicator for overloading
  • 5.5-gallon waste bucket

Reason to Buy

  • It comes in various capacities to choose from
  • It destroys papers, staples and credit cards
  • It has the perfect size to fit next to your desk
  • Easy emptying with a large handle

Paper Shredder – Buying Guide

  • Purpose: When buying a paper shredder, it is good to consider the reason for buying one. You may want a shredder that can also shred credit cards, CDs, and DVDs besides your confidential documents. It is also needful to consider the environment in which the shredder will be used to know if the shredder needs to be heavy-duty.
  • Storage: In a busy environment, a paper shredder with a large waste bucket may be better to avoid the inconvenience of having to empty it so often. For less frequent use, small capacity shredders are more efficient in size.
  • Cutting Style: Different shredders use different styles to cut the sheets. The most common methods are strip cutting, cross-cutting, and micro-cutting. Strip cutting is the least secure; cross-cutting is a very reliable and most common style; micro-cutting is the most secure shredding the sheets into the tiniest bits.
  • Jam Avoidance: In a busy environment, you need a shredder that can avoid a paper jam. Some shredders can do this by expelling extra-thick sheets and automatically halting the shredding process when a paper jam is imminent.


In the modern world where data security is essential, strict measures need to be taken when handling data. Besides online data security mechanisms, offline data security is vital. An effective way to process offline data security is ensuring unwanted confidential documents are shredded into tiny unreadable bits. The paper shredder is the machine for this role, and this article guides you into the top 10 best paper shredders in 2024.

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