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Top 10 Best Electric Tillers in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Top 10 Best Electric Tillers Reviews | Guide

You might not have heard about tilling but the surprising thing is that you have probably tilled the soil without knowing. This is the process of turning the soil over in the garden where most people do so for different reasons. For instance, tilling will help to loosen the compacted areas in the soil to control weed and also improve aeration. Tilling will also make it easy to plant seeds and aids in drainage as well as root growth after you plant. Other than hiring experts to till your land, you can do it yourself with the help of an electric tiller.

Currently, there are so many electric tillers available for sale. That does not mean that any electric tiller will suit your needs. It is for this reason therefore why you need to research to know what will best suit you. Since this will take much of your time, we made a compilation of the top 10 best electric tillers. In this list, there will be at least one tool that will match your needs. It is therefore good to read through the post to have time to compare the different products before making the final decision.

List of Best Electric Tillers in 2020

#10. Earthwise TC70016 16-Inch Corded Electric Tiller, Grey

Earthwise TC70016 16-Inch Corded Electric Tiller, Grey

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Every careful gardener knows that some garden tools are likely to hurt their hands. If planning to the gardening for long hours with such tools, the after-effects will be worse. With the electric tiller from Earthwise, you will enjoy tilling your garden now that it comes with a comfortable and ergonomic handle. You can therefore till your land for as long as you want.

The tiller operates very quietly when breaking up the hard soil. It, therefore, finds applications in weeding, preparing the soil during planting and even composting. You will appreciate that it comes with an adjustable width design from 11 to 16 inches and a working depth of 8 inches.

Key Features
  • Lightweight and very simple to operate
  • Adjustable width and working depth
  • Comes with a comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Features a powerful 13.5 amp motor

Reason to Buy

  • One of the things that you will like about this tiller is that it features 6 adjustable tines. What’s more, it is made in a lightweight design that makes it very easy to operate and store as well.

#9. Sun Joe TJ604E 13.5 AMP Electric Tiller/Cultivator

Sun Joe TJ604E 13.5 AMP Electric Tiller:Cultivator

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With a 13.5 amp motor, this electric tiller will be superior compared to other tillers in the market today. Additionally, its cutting depth has been proven to be great too. With the cutting width being 16 inches, you expect that you will be able to cover the large gardens quite easily.

You will also realize that 6 tines constantly churn around too. That is, therefore, going to increase the efficiency of the tiller. When this tool is not being used, it compactly folds down with ease so that you can store it conveniently.

Key Features
  • 3-position wheel adjustment
  • 6 angled tines to give maximum performance
  • Powered by a 13.5 amp motor
  • The handle folds down easily for easy storage

Reason to Buy

  • This is a foldable tool that gives you the convenience you need whenever you want to store it. it operates on a 13.5-ampere motor which gives it a tine speed of up to 370 rpm. You can, therefore, expect to cover a large area with ease.

#8. GreenWorks 10-Inch Corded Tiller 27072

GreenWorks 10-Inch Corded Tiller 27072

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Most corded tillers will have a high-performance design and will handle most jobs conveniently. If you are looking to get such a tool, the Greenworks tiller will be one of the best picks. It operates on a highly reliable 8-amp motor which delivers professional and fast results in any area. It also has an eco-friendly and efficient design with no need for the extra effort.

Another great feature about this tiller is that it has been made with steel blades that are not only sharp but also durable. This tiller is therefore recommended for tilling in most soil types. It will also be possible to adjust the tilling width from 8 to 10 inches while the tilling depth will be adjusted to 5 inches.

Key Features
  • Powerful 8 amp motor
  • The handle folds down easily for simple storage
  • Adjustable tilling depth
  • No tools needed for assembly

Reason to Buy

  • Some tiller brands will always frustrate you outdoors due to the heavy design that makes them hard to maneuver. The Greenworks corded tiller will be the best alternative since it is lightweight and will make your work enjoyable.

#7. Mantis 7250-00-03 Electric Tiller

Mantis 7250-00-03 Electric Tiller

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The ideal electric tiller should be light in weight and this is exactly what Mantis delivers. At only 21 lbs. this tiller is among the lightest tools you will get in this review. Other than being easy to operate, it is simple to store too now that it folds away easily. Another thing you will appreciate about the tiller is that it has a very quiet operation.

The 540 watts motor gives it enough power to work through any soil type. It has also been made in a super-compact design meaning that it will work even in the spots that are difficult to reach. Another great feature for this tool is its ease of turning the tines around to shallow cultivate your topsoil.

Key Features
  • Folds down easily for storage and transportation
  • Comes in a lightweight and compact design
  • Quiet and instant 540 watts motor
  • Backed with a lifetime warranty

Reason to Buy

  • This is a lightweight electric tiller that is among the easiest to operate. You will have no issues during its storage since it folds down compactly for simple storage.

#6. THE ROYAL WEEDER Electric Tiller & Cultivator

THE ROYAL WEEDER Electric Tiller & Cultivator

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This is yet another tool that will be your best companion in the garden due to its amazing features. It comes with a lightweight design of only 3 lbs. that makes it easy to maneuver. The tiller has a cordless design and is also very easy to recharge now that it features a battery and a charging unit.

For optimal ergonomics, you will appreciate that the tiller will be easy to adjust to get your preferred settings. What’s more, the tiller has been equipped with a comfortable, easy-to-grip and an adjustable handle for maximum comfort.

Key Features
  • 6” hardened steel blades
  • The tiller only weighs 3 lbs.
  • Comfortable and easy grip
  • Cordless and rechargeable design

Reason to Buy

  • The electric tiller has 6” hardened steel blades that do not require any sharpening. They are therefore ideal for all types of soils. The comfortable and adjustable handle makes the tiller even easy to use.

#5. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Corded Tiller, Green

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Corded Tiller, Green

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The Scotts outdoor tiller operates on a 13.5 amp motor which gives it superior power, durability and run time. It will be perfect for any garden size, flower beds and other areas including the community gardens. If you are looking for a weed control tool, this one will be a good pick.

The tiller feature adjustable and tempered steel tines that will cultivate from 11 inches to 16 inches and at a maximum depth of 8 inches. Its bail wire features a start button for safe and simple starting. Its ergonomic grip, on the other hand, will give it a very comfortable operation.

Key Features
  • Powerful 13.5 amp motor
  • 6 adjustable alloy steel tines
  • Works perfectly in controlling weed
  • Soft and ergonomic grip

Reason to Buy

  • The tiller comes with flip-down rear wheels that makes walking the tiller pretty easy. It has also been equipped with a powerful 13.5 amp motor which gives it the convenience of working on all soil types.

#4. LawnMaster TE1016M Deluxe Tiller, 16-Inch

LawnMaster TE1016M Deluxe Tiller, 16-Inch

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If you need a tiller that will have a great cutting depth, this is going to be the right pick. It has a maximum cutting of 16 inches which makes it easy and time-saving to cultivate the large gardens. Additionally, its 10 amp motor will make sure that you till the land quite easily.

Another thing you will like about this tiller is the blades which are made in a rust-resistant design for durability. Apart from that, the tiller is equipped with proper handles to make sure that you easily control the tiller’s movement with ease.

Key Features
  • Comes with 6 steel blades
  • This tiller is maintenance-free
  • Adjustable transit wheel
  • It has a cutting depth of 9 inches

Reason to Buy

  • This tiller has a speed of 280 rpm allowing you to break up even the harshest soils. Another thing that people like about the tool is that it has a large cutting width.

#3. Southland SRTT212 18 in. Rotary Tiller

Southland SRTT212 18 in. Rotary Tiller

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The 4-cycle OHV engine for this tiller is going to provide the needed strength to till your soil. It prides itself on a tilling width of 18 inches not forgetting that the steel tines are self-sharpening. What this therefore means is that this tiller will be relatively easy to use and maintain.

It also comes with 13” heavy-duty pneumatic tires that will easily maneuver through the tough landscapes. What’s more, this tiller has the manual recoil and a simple start fuel delivery system. Another great feature for this tiller is the fact that it travels both forward and in reverse for maximum mobility.

Key Features
  • 13” heavy-duty pneumatic tires
  • It travels both forward and in reverse
  • Manual recoil and easy start fuel delivering system
  • The tiller has a tilling width of 18 inches

Reason to Buy

  • If you are looking for a tiller that will work in different conditions, this one will be the ideal pick. It has a tilling width of 18 inches which makes your job easy and fast as well.

#2. FLYHERO 2HP Mini Garden Tiller

FLYHERO 2HP Mini Garden Tiller

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This electric tiller has a lightweight design which translates to its simple operation. It is equipped with four teeth and four blades and 2 strokes single cylinder. Its 52cc high-performance engine is the reason why it performs its designated task flawlessly.

Cleaning and maintain this tiller will also be very easy now that it melts the compacted dirt in a matter of seconds. What’s more, it comes with two wheels for enhanced mobility. With this tiller, you will be able to cut through the tough soil easily.

Key Features
  • Comes with 2 wheels for mobility
  • 52cc high-performance engine
  • Lightweight and very simple to use
  • Features four teeth with four blades

Reason to Buy

  • This is a lightweight garden tool that has been recommended for the DIY and professional landscapers. It features four blades that have 6 teeth and a much-powered engine for convenience.

#1. SHZICMY Tiller Cultivator (USA Stock)

SHZICMY Tiller Cultivator (USA Stock)

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This tilter comes with four blades and 16 teeth together with a high-powered engine. It is therefore ideal for cutting through the tough soil easily and the good thing is that it comes at a very lightweight. Even though this machine is relatively new in the market, it will help you with your gardening needs.

The 2 sturdy wheels for this tiller is going to make this tiller very easy to maneuver for anyone who will be using it. Save your time and money with this tiller which is very practical both for professional and DIY landscapers. Being made from a reputable brand, you can rest assured that this tiller will be good for your tasks.

Key Features
  • Easy to move and control
  • Guaranteed refund of money
  • Sturdy and rigid handlebar design
  • Ideal for professional and DIY landscapers

Reason to Buy

  • This is a rigid and sturdy tiller which will be very easy to control. You also ought to buy with confidence now that there is a 100% moneyback guarantee.

Best Electric Tillers Buying Guide

  • Weight: You should never overlook the weight of your electric tiller before buying. Even though these tillers make earthwork much easier, they might still be heavy to operate. For this reason, it is good to go for lightweight options without compromising their efficiency. A good electric tiller will also be foldable which will make it very easy to store after use.
  • Adjustability: Not all the electric tillers will be adjustable but it is advisable to opt for models that can be easily adjusted. For instance, you might want to alter the cutting width to align with your flower bed or land. Apart from that, you should check to see whether the cutting depth can also be adjusted based on your needs. A good tiller will also offer height adjustments to suit different people’s needs.
  • Cost: Electric tillers are generally cheaper compared to their gas counterparts. Before opting for any electric tiller, you need to have a clear picture I mind of how often you will be using the tiller and the type of ground to use it. Apart from that, you ought to consider the size of your land to make sure that you pick a tiller that will be good for the job. If the tiller will be used occasionally, there will be no need to invest in an expensive one.


We hope that you learned what tilling is and some of its benefits to the soil. Having understood that, it is good that you pick the best electric tiller to get your desired results. With any of the tillers above, gardening will never be hard for you. It is, however, important to read through the list to know the exact tiller that you should pick. If you still feel unsure of what to pick, consider reading through the buyer’s guide above. This will help you know the shopping guidelines you should consider to get the best pick. All the best!

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