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Top 10 Best Electric Skateboards in 2024 Reviews | Last Update

by Sammy Bo

Are you a skater and need a perfect skateboard for your ride? The electric skateboards are perfect options that will offer a better riding experience and with the large wheel, they maneuver smoothly. More interestingly, they also have different deck sizes and with powerful motors, they offer amazing speed. What is more, the skateboards are battery-operated and comes with a built-in battery for amazing runtime.

Also, they are lightweight and portable products that you can carry for use whenever needed. These are the 10 best electric skateboards in reviews and a buyer’s guide.

List Of Best Electric Skateboards in 2024

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#10. EPIKGO Electronic Skateboard

EPIKGO Electronic Skateboard

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For the skaters, EPIKGO electronic skateboard is a fantastic piece you will get perfect for your needs. The unit has dual motors, which deliver amazing speed and efficiency. Besides this, the board is crafted from premium quality ply bamboo wood to guarantee great stability and longevity. Moreover, the skateboard comes with a high-capacity battery, which will last for up to 125 miles and recharges in about 2hrs.

The product has a lightweight portable design, making it a breeze to carry for skating whenever needed. To add more, the skateboard features built-in intelligent sensors to hinder fires or electrical shortages for safe skating.

Key Features
  • Two powerful DC brushless motors
  • High-capacity built-in rechargeable battery
  • Built-in intelligent sensors systems
  • 25mph high speed
  • High-quality flexible Maplewood frame
  • Moves at an amazing speed
  • Perfect for both kids and adults
  • Recharges faster and ensures longer runtime
  • None
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#9. Tooluck 27.5 Inches Electric Skateboard

Tooluck 27.5 Inches Electric Skateboard

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By: Tooluck

In case you need a top-quality electric skateboard, Tooluck is a nice pick you may consider. The product has a maximum load capacity of 220lbs, making it suitable for both kids and adults. Besides this, the skateboard is fitted with a powerful 350W motor to generate great speed and performance. Again, the unit features 3-speed modes to suit the professional riders. Moreover, it moves at a higher speed of 12MPH for an amazing ride.

That said, the skateboard is equipped with a built-in 2000mAh battery, which brings about a longer operation time of 6-8 miles per charge. Because of this, you will get it excellent for cruising campus and short commuting among others.

Key Features
  • Built-in rechargeable 2000mAh battery
  • Ergonomic wireless remote controller
  • Powerful 350W brushless motor
  • Seven layers rock hard maple wood construction
  • Durable high-grip PU wheels
  • Fun and easy to ride
  • Suited for professionals and beginners
  • A very sturdy and durable unit
  • None

#8. Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard

Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard

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By: Hiboy

When shopping for electric skateboards, consider the construction o the skateboard. This high-quality skateboard is crafted from 7 layers of deck maple, making it a great piece for prolonged use. Besides this, the skateboard has a U-shaped design for a great ride. That said, it got four ride modes and 4 brake modes to serve all levels of riders.

Fitted with two powerful brushless motors, the skateboard delivers an amazing speed of up to 18.6 mph. Again, it comes with an ergonomic wireless remote system for easy regulation of the functions. The large wheels will easily maneuver through most terrains for a great ride.

Key Features
  • Dual powerful brushless motors
  • Durable 7-layers maple deck built
  • Four ride modes and 4 brake modes
  • An ergonomic wireless remote control
  • All-terrain durable wheels
  • Moves at a fast speed
  • Safe and a highly durable skateboard
  • Batteries last relatively longer
  • Kind of heavy but portable

#7. LOU SoFlow Compact Electric Skateboard

LOU SoFlow Compact Electric Skateboard

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Featuring a powerful hub motor, a skateboard is a functional unit that will deliver top speed and a great ride. The powerful built-in motor generates a higher speed of 17 mph for a great ride. Other than this, the skateboard has a longer durable sleek polyurethane deck that offers better stability and safety for the riders. Irrespective of the level of riding, the skateboard is a fine piece that suits all levels. More interestingly, it has a 2.2Ah built-in and rechargeable battery. You, therefore, get to skate easily on all terrains.

The skateboard has a lightweight portable design for convenient use in most places. Also, the compact design of the product makes it safer and reliable even for beginners. The good news is that the product is cost-effective thus a perfect buy for all skaters.

Key Features
  • Four large wheels
  • A single powerful hub motor
  • 2.2Ah built-in battery
  • Durable sleek polyurethane deck
  • Lightweight portable design
  • Offers better speed and performance
  • Suitable for all levels of riders
  • It cruises on most terrains
  • The battery life is shorter
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#6. Leawell 4UTKAutomatic Remote Electric Skateboard 27.2 Inches

Leawell 4UTKAutomatic Remote Electric Skateboard 27.2 Inches

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By: Leawell

The size of the deck should be a feature every skater will consider when buying the products. This is a great electric skateboard that is designed to suit all skaters with a larger deck of 27.2-inches. Because of this, it offers better stability and control. More interestingly, the skateboard is recommended for retro skating plus professional sports skating. The product has a high-capacity battery that ensures that you enjoy a longer skating time.

With the four larger wheels, the skateboard offers a smooth cruise on every surface to suit your needs. Again, it is driven by a powerful hub motor that brings about superior speed. The wireless remote control system of the skateboards allows for seamless control of functions like speed, reverse, and more.

Key Features
  • A wireless remote control system
  • 27.2-inches wider deck
  • Wide application
  • Four sturdy larger wheels
  • Lightweight portable design
  • Perfect for all levels of riders
  • It is easily portable and reliable
  • Offers a longer runtime
  • Not identified

#5. RazorX Electric Skateboard

RazorX Electric Skateboard

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By: Razor

This is another powerful and efficient electric skateboard that you never want to miss. The skateboard comes with a 150W hub motor that offers amazing performances. The skateboard can move at a speed of 12 mph and with the built-in lithium-ion battery, it offers up to 40-minutes runtime. Also, it is supported by ground-gripping four urethane wheels for a smooth convenient ride. This skateboard also has a wider longboard with a size of 34.25-inches.

It is crafted using quality 7-ply maple wood material that offers better stability and increased longevity. The deck is also non-slip for better performances thus a great buy for you. With the 2.4GHz remote control system, it is simpler to regulate for better performances.

Key Features
  • 34.25-inches longboard
  • 7-ply maple material built
  • Ground-griping four urethane wheels
  • 220lbs weight capacity
  • 2.4GHz wireless remote control
  • It is very powerful and efficient
  • Offers great speed and performance
  • Perfect for years of use
  • The battery never lasts longer

#4. DIYE Electric Skateboard Scratch Proof Battery Enclosure

DIYE Electric Skateboard Scratch Proof Battery Enclosure

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For the safety of the battery of the skateboard, here is a great battery enclosure to consider. This product is designed to fit a wide range of boards and perfect for all batteries including ESC and electronics. Besides this, the unit is crafted using heavy-duty durable material for extended use. Additionally, it is flexible and easy to set-up.

The battery enclosure is also scratchproof and, therefore, guarantee the safety of the battery. It is a cost-effective product to suit your budget.

Key Features
  • Heavy-duty flexible design
  • Wide compatibility
  • Low profile design
  • 21 x 7 1/40 x 1 ¾-inches size
  • Scratchproof battery enclosure
  • It is budget-friendly
  • Fits most boards
  • It is highly durable and flexible
  • No pre-drilled holes
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#3. Swagtron Longboard Skateboard Dual Hub Brushless Motor

Swagtron Longboard Skateboard Dual Hub Brushless Motor

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By: Swagtron

The battery pack of the skateboard always differs and, therefore, make sure you get the ideal option that will guarantee longer skating time. This is a quality skateboard that comes with built-in rechargeable batteries for longer runtime. Furthermore, the skateboard has a larger38-inches deck that offers better stability for elementary control of the skateboard. Moreover, it has a dual 900W brushless motor for great speed and performance.

With a total of four large wheels, the skateboard easily cruises on every surface to offer a great skating experience. The good news is that the skateboard is a perfect pick that suits all levels of riders thus a pick to give a try.

Key Features
  • 900W dual brushless motors
  • 220lbs weight capacity
  • 6-layers maple wood construction
  • 2-layers bamboo support
  • 38-inches longboard deck
  • It offers a longer runtime
  • The speed is amazing
  • It is flexible and convenient
  • Not identified

#2. GoRide Electric Skateboard Longboard Backpack Bag Carrier

GoRide Electric Skateboard Longboard Backpack Bag Carrier

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By: GoRide

For better portability of your skateboard, here is a great option of a backpack bag that you should try out. The backpack bag is perfect for the regular skateboards plus a mini skateboard of up to 20lbs and a size of 38-inches. This implies that you can easily carry the skateboard when traveling for skating whenever needed. More interestingly, it also has a universal design plus perfect for carrying laptops. The good news is that the carrier bag is padded and breathable for great comfort thus a great option that will suit your needs.

The skateboard bag is a product of extra foam padding that guarantees prolonged use and safety. It is a versatile bag you can also use for carrying laptops and other items.

Key Features
  • Quality extra padding foam
  • Universal design
  • 19 x 10.5-inches size
  • Padded and breathable bag
  • Double bottle holders
  • It is a highly versatile bag
  • Great for years of use
  • It is comfy to carry and universal
  • Kind of pricey

#1. RazorX Longboard Electric Skateboard

RazorX Longboard Electric Skateboard

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By: Razor

Crafted using the best quality of 5-ply bamboo material, the skateboard is a great option that will serve you better and longer. This product is designed to offer a smooth controlled ride and with a length of 37.5-inches, it is excellent for both kids and adults. The electric skateboard supports up to 220lbs and with the 22V lithium-ion battery, the runtime is amazing.

More interestingly, the electric skateboard has 125W hub motor that provides up 10mph thus a pick that will suit your riding needs.

Key Features
  • 125W powerful hub motor
  • 37.5-inches longboard
  • 220lbs weight capacity
  • 5-ply bamboo wood built
  • 22V built-in lithium-ion battery
  • Offer a smooth controlled ride
  • Delivers a longer runtime
  • Easily portable and convenient
  • Moves at low speed

Electric Skateboards Buying Guide

  • Motor and Speed: The skateboards are equipped with different motor sizes, which is why you should get the ideal motor size that suits you best. You need to find a great skateboard with up to 500W or more hub or brushless motor. Besides this, it should offer a great speed of about 15 mph for an amazing skating experience.
  • Construction: The quality of the built of the deck should be another feature to think about. Get a quality electric skateboard that is crafted using premium 8 ply Canadian maple or 5-ply bamboo material to guarantee prolonged use and stability. The product should support up to 220lbs or more to suit kids and adult users.
  • Battery Pack: They also have different sizes of batteries to choose from. Since the battery will determine the skating time, get a product that comes with a high-capacity battery like a 6600mAh battery for a longer skating.


We have picked the ultimate 10 electric skateboards that you can choose from. They are designed to suit every level of skater and with the rugged durable built, they perfectly serve for years. These products are also fitted with powerful motors and batteries for amazing speed and longer runtime. What is more, they support variable payloads and easy to control for amazing ride experience; hence the ideal options to try out.

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