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 Top 10 Best Electric Sharpeners in 2022 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

by Andro Jony

It can be tedious to handle various pencil needs without the appropriate point. You, thus need to have a perfect sharpener that provides flawless results. There are different types of pencil sharpeners in the market, some being electric, while others are manual. An electric sharpener is a better choice, due to its efficiency and saves time.

There are multiple choices of these electric sharpeners in the market, that might confuse you during the purchase. You need not worry, as the article brings you the buying guide and the Top 10 Best Electric sharpeners in 2022, to lead you. You will get the best that suits your needs.

List Of Best Electric Sharpeners in 2022

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#10. JARLINK Electric sharpener

 JARLINK Electric sharpener

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The high-quality materials making the electric sharpeners enable it to operate conveniently over an extended period. It takes only 5-10 seconds to reach a perfect point, where it operates hands-free. You can use it on various types of pencils like colored, #2 pencils, charcoal, among, others. The bottom part comes with a non-slip pad, keeping it in position during use. It also features a strong case, that prevents noise during use.

it is safe for your kids to use the electric sharpener with its auto-shutoff function upon opening the lid. it, therefore, protects their fingers from injuries. it holds large quantities of shavings and is effortless to operate. The sharpener uses an AC adapter for power, where it sharpens up to 3000 times.

Key Features
  • High-quality materials construction
  • Suitable for a range of pencil types
  • Features a large shavings reservoir
  • Powered by an AC adapter
  • Auto-shutoff function on lid opening
  • Sharpens up to 3000 times

Reason to buy

  • You can conveniently charge different types of pencils with this sharpener, enhancing reliability and convenience.
  • It has high quality and durable construction for an extended service period.

#9. JARLINK Electric sharpener

JARLINK Electric sharpener

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The electric sharpener provides an automatic sharpening to your pencil hands-free, as you only need to place it in and wait for 3-5 seconds. You can use it on different types of pencils like the colored ones and 6-8 mm charcoal pencils. The helical blade has a heavy-duty steel construction, which is durable for an extended service period. It is effortless to operate where it stops automatically on reaching a perfect point.

Using the electric sharpener is safe as it features an auto re-set function that prevents overheating. You can also use it on short pencils, making it economical and reliable. You can use the sharpener from anywhere as it comes with a rechargeable built-in 2000 mAh battery. A full charge allows it to charge up to 300 times. It also allows you to adjust your pencil point to meet your needs conveniently.

Key Features
  • Sharpens automatically in 3-5 seconds
  • Suitable for different pencil types
  • Helical blade with a heavy-duty steel construction
  • It has an auto-rest function.
  • It uses a rechargeable built-in 2000 mAh battery.
  • One hour charge sharpens 300 times.
  • Well-sealed large shavings reservoir

Reason to buy

  • The electric sharpener is reliable for use on different pencil types and operates hands-free.
  • A one hour’s battery charge lasts for 300 sharpenings, enhancing its convenience.

#8. Zmol Electric sharpener

 Zmol Electric sharpener

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By: Zmol

Once you insert a pencil on the electric sharpeners, it starts operating automatically and also stops upon finishing. It is safe for kids to use since it has a built-in safety device that stops the operation once you remove the shaving box. it features a durable helical blade, that sharpens various types of pencils. It also sharpens up to 6000 times without wearing, enhancing convenience.

The electric sharpeners features three different modes, ranging from medium, sharp, and blunt, to meet all your needs. Switching among the three modes is effortless, as it comes with a slide switch. It only takes 3-5 seconds to sharpen, and it is thus time-saving. The four non-skid feet keep the sharpener stable during use.

Key Features
  • Four non-skid feet
  • Sharpens in 3-5 seconds
  • Sharp, medium, and blunt modes
  • Features a built-in safety device
  • Sharpens over 6000 times
  • It comes with a wall plug.

Reason to buy

  • It keeps the kids’ fingers safe, with the built-in safety feature.
  • The three sharpening modes help meet your sharpening needs conveniently.
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#7. X-ACTO Pencil Sharpener

 X-ACTO Pencil Sharpener

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By: X-Acto

The electric sharpener has compact and durable construction, ensuring an extended service period. It reduces lead breakage by providing precise tips, reducing the frustrations. The pencil saves feature on this sharpener prevents over-sharpening for your pencil to last longer.

It is safe for the kids to use this electric sharpener as the safe start motor stops operating once you remove the shaving bin. It also ensures that there is less mess, as it is effortless to empty the shaving bin. it works conveniently with the colored pencil.

Key Features
  • Made of compact and durable material
  • Features a pencil saver function
  • It comes with a safe start motor.
  • Effortless to empty the shaving bin
  • Compatible with colored pencils
  • Sharpens one pencil at a time

Reason to buy

  • It is economical as it prevents your pencil from over-sharpening, with the pencil saver function.
  • It keeps your kids’ fingers safe since it cannot operate when you remove the shaving bin.

#6. Electric sharpener by Fineably

Electric sharpener by Fineably

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You can use the electric sharpener from different places like home, school or office. It has a wide range of pencil compatibility with a range of 6-8 mm. It also has multiple power sources, enhancing convenience. You can use a USB cable, AC adapter, or 4 AA batteries, which keeps you on the going always.

The helical blade has a razor-sharp design offering 360 degrees of sharpening for a symmetrical pencil point. It has an auto-shutoff feature that stops it when the sharpening is complete and thus saving the pencil. The spill-proof lid prevents mess by keeping the shavings in position. It sharpens up to 3000 pencils without jamming and is thus, reliable.

Key Features
  • 360 degrees sharpening helical blade
  • Features an auto-shutoff function
  • Compatible with all 6-8 mm pencils
  • Sharpens up to 3000 pencils
  • Features a spill-proof lid
  • It has multiple power sources.

Reason to buy

  • The sharpener ensures that you can never run out of charge by providing multiple charging options.
  • You can use it from different places, where it fits various types of pencils.

#5. AFMAT Electric sharpener

AFMAT Electric sharpener

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The pencil sharpener is especially ideal when dealing with high amounts of sharpening like in schools for the teachers. It has a durable heavy-duty construction that promotes efficient functioning and over an extended period. It also takes only 3-5 seconds for sharpening, enhancing convenience, and saving on time. The helical blade has a heavy-duty construction that sharpens up to 6000 pencils without wearing.

The sharpener serves as a perfect gift for people that require frequent pencil sharpening. It saves time with the automatic sharpening once you place a pencil on. You can use the sharpener with both colored and graphite pencils, enhancing convenience and reliability. Due to its efficiency and fast speed, it is convenient for use in industrial or commercial use.

Key Features
  • It has a heavy-duty and durable construction.
  • Sharpens in 3-5 seconds
  • Sharpens over 6000 pencils
  • Suitable for colored and graphite pencils
  • Ideal for commercial and industrial use
  • It is UL listed

Reason to buy

  • The heavy-duty construction makes it in handling high use like in the industries and for commercial purposes.
  • It sharpens a large number of pencils without wearing out, hence reliable and convenient.

#4. LINKYO Electric sharpener Pro

LINKYO Electric sharpener Pro

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The heavy-duty and durable electric sharpener provides an extended service period. It is ideal for use in schools and offices to prepare precise pencil points. It saves on your pencil length by stopping automatically when the sharpening is over.

Within four seconds, the sharpener ensures that your pencil is ready. The electric motor operates quietly, avoiding noise pollution. You can use the sharpener for six different pencil sizes with an adjustable design, enhancing its convenience and reliability.

Key Features
  • Heavy-duty and durable construction
  • Automatic shut-off upon sharpening
  • The motor operates quietly.
  • Adjustable to accommodate six pencil sizes
  • Uses 120V power

Reason to buy

  • The quiet motor operation makes it friendly by preventing noise pollution.
  • Saves on your pencil with the automatic shut-off when ready.

#3. JARLINK Electric sharpener

JARLINK Electric sharpener

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The durable and heavy-duty helical blade provides an efficient sharpening within 3-5 seconds and over an extended period. It is ideal for multiple pencil choices like colored, charcoal, #2 pencils, and others, enhancing its convenience. It also charges over 6000 pencils without wear or tear.

The pencil sharpener saves on your pencil with the automatic shut off design once the sharpening is done. It also stops upon opening the lid, keeping it safe for the kids. The entrance has a diameter of eight mm, preventing the kids’ fingers from fitting. It also features three sharpening modes; sharp, medium, and dull, to ensure that it meets your needs conveniently.

Key Features
  • Sharp, medium, and dull sharpening modes
  • Sharpens over 6000 pencils
  • It takes 3-5 seconds to sharpen
  • It has an eight mm entrance.
  • Automatic shut-off on lid opening and completion.
  • Suitable for a wide range of pencils
  • Four bottom suction cups

Reason to buy

  • You can have the pencil point in different modes depending on your needs.
  • It keeps your kids safe with the small entrance diameter and automatic shut-off on lid opening.

#2. Rustines Electric sharpener

Rustines Electric sharpener

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By: Rustines

It is effortless to handle the electric sharpener by hand due to the compact and lightweight design. You can use it on all types of pencils, making it convenient and reliable. The three drive modes; USB, 2AA batteries, and manual, makes it convenient for use anywhere. it starts working automatically upon inserting the pencil, where it sharpens in 3-5 seconds.

It is safe for the kids to use the electric sharpener, with the transparent shavings cup with a lid, preventing them from inhaling the dust. It also protects the fingers with the automatic shut-off upon opening the lid. Assembling and disassembling the sharpener is also effortless, making it easy to empty the shavings.

Key Features
  • Features three drive modes
  • Sharpens in 3-5 seconds
  • Automatic shut-off on lid opening
  • Features a transparent shavings cup
  • Auto-start on inserting a pencil
  • Easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean

Reason to buy

  • It saves on time with the automatic start and stops upon sharpening.
  • The three drive modes enhance the convenience of use from anywhere.

#1. Salisa Electric sharpener

Salisa Electric sharpener

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By: Salisa

The electric sharpener has a two holes design, enabling you to sharpen two different pencils at a time, saving time. One hole is suitable for 6-8 mm, while the other one, accommodates 9-12mm pencils. The blades have a durable steel construction, ensuring an extended service period. They are also efficient to sharpen your pencil in 5-10 seconds.

Kids can use the pencil sharpener without getting hurt as it stops working automatically once the lid opens. It operates with either batteries or charges with a USB cord, allowing you to use it anywhere due to the convenience. The shavings reservoir has a large capacity, preventing mess by spilling over, and is also effortless t clean.

Key Features
  • Sharpens in 5-10 seconds
  • It has a two-hole design.
  • Features powerful and durable steel blades
  • Intelligent auto-stop mechanism
  • Powered by batteries or USB cord
  • Large reservoir shavings capacity

Reason to buy

  • It saves on time as the two holes can sharpen two pencils at a time.
  • The auto-stop mechanism keeps your kid safe from hurt.

Electric sharpeners Buying Guide

  • Efficiency: The blade durability and sharpness determine the efficiency of the electric sharpener. It is, therefore, crucial to check on the two to ensure that it meets your needs.
  • Safety: A safe pencil sharpener should keep the blades out of the kid’s fingers. Most of the choices in this article feature an auto-shutoff function once the lid opens, protecting your kid from getting hurt.
  • Pencil Compatibility: It is crucial to check if the electric sharpener you want to purchase is compatible with the type of pencils you need to sharpen. It will prevent you from disappointments. Also, check the entry diameter to ensure that it fits your range.
  • Durability: Checking on the materials making the electric sharpener is crucial as it determines the service period. Higher quality materials will last long and vice versa.


There are places like schools and some offices where pencil use is inevitable. You, therefore, need to have the right sharpener to have the point that meets your needs. Since the market offers plenty of choices, choosing the right one can be tedious. The article will help you get the best by guiding you through the Top 10 Best Electric sharpeners in 2022.

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